What we do

MI groundforce specifically focuses on responding to the needs of local and state government and agencies,commercial property  managers,  property developers, community groups , managers of reclamation sites, landscape architects and private individuals undertaking large scale projects.

Our Expertise

Partners Mick & Ian Parker founded their garden maintenance company MicIan Trees and Gardens  in 2001.
Developing a skilled team and a highly regarded service they have undertaken many major projects in the residential and rural sectors and to an increasing extent for local government clients.

With their highly skilled, committed and energetic team they have been sought after to provide an increasing level of services in the areas of bushcare, native regeneration and infrastructure projects, weed control, construction and major  landscaping projects.

In recognition of the specific needs of clients approaching these types of projects or requiring ongoing maintenance  MIgroundforce was formed  as  a specialist unit under the direct management Mick Parker.

Our Approach

We provide an effective level of service, a pro active and solutions based approach.
We understand the importance of adherence to budgets and timelines.
Our team (from the point of enquiry to the completion of the project or ongoing maintenance relationship) are reliable, accountable and responsive.


We have invested in the right tools and equipment to enable our crew to work in an environment of  maximum effectiveness and safety.
Any further specialist equipment indicated can be easily accessed via our supplier partners.

Quality Assurance

Our team and specialist contractors have the capacity, capability, resources and machinery to work effectively and work under the direct  management of Mick Parker.
References available upon request.


We hold $20 million of combined  insurances.

Health, Safety and Injury Management Policy

MIgroundforce is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for all people involved in our business activities, including our contractors, sub -contractors, visitors and the general public. All of our people have responsibility for implementing this policy.
MIgroundforce complies with the NSW Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulations, Codes of Practice and appropriate Australian Standards.